Session Musician

- Violin/Vocals

I have almost 20 years of musical training and experience. I achieved my grade 8 RCM achievement and Level 2 Theory by the age of 13 for the violin and now have a diploma from graduating Fanshawe Music Industry Arts in 2016. I have experience in genres ranging from orchestral, folk, ambient and country to pop, rnb and hip hop in both live and in-studio performances that are rehearsed and improvisational.  For examples of lead vocals please see the personal projects  section below.

Milly's Music


Live preformance with Mappe Of on CBC q.
Performance credits: Violin and vocals

Playlist of all recorded session work for both violin and vocals. 

Song production for hire also included: 

Trinity, Father - Remix

Dead like Me - Strings & Production

Thessalon - Vocal arrangement

The Isle Of Ailynn - Production Consultation 

String Arrangements

(vocal arrangements & production)

I can create string arrangements, sheet music of the arrangements, produce them with midi or perform these arrangements for your next creative endeavour.  I have worked with a number of artists helping them to bring their songs to life with my arrangements in genres ranging from hip hop and pop to folk and rnb.  I am also able to use my knowledge of arranging to help with creating and performing vocal harmonies on your project.


String arrangement and performance

String arrangement, performance and additional synth production

Single vocal harmony arangement and performance

Multiple vocal harmony arrangement and performance as well as violin arrangement and performance

Personal Projects



Vocals, Violin, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting, Lyrics, Production

Watch/Listen to my cover of CLAWS by Charli XCX

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Glass Face

Vocals, Violin, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting, Lyrics, Production

-Jack Richardson Award for Best Electronic Band - 2016

-Single, 'Holland', from debut album 'You are Nowhere', was featured on MTV's 'Teen Wolf'

-Single, 'Holland', became most Shazamed  song of the week

-Cover of 'Hotline Bling' became the 5th most viral track on Spotify upon release

-Full length album, 'For Love, For Love, For Love' available on all streaming sites