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Ever since I was a child, I've had a passion for creative expression through a variety of mediums.  My journey as a creator, spanning creative and corporate spheres, has equipped me with the skills to create content that seamlessly marries the creator's vision with the consumer's needs. What truly sets me apart is my broad experience across various creative industries, which enables me to approach all content and creative endeavours with a versatile, well-rounded perspective. Whether it's mapping out a personalized Instagram campaign or crafting original User Generated Content and branded materials, my focus is always on striking that perfect balance between creativity and meaningful impact.

If you're looking for someone to create, implement or organize, I am confident my experience in all aspects of executive level administrative assistance will help to elevate your platform to the level it deserves.

When it comes to music, I am always excited to be a part of a new project.  With 20 years of musical experience and qualifications including Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music and a degree from Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College, I can provide a professional performance and help realize your creative vision. I have worked in many genres both on and off the stage as both producer and performer for my personal projects (Glass Face and Milly) and clients such as Mappe Of and Sara Sloan.  My experience as a vocalist is what led to my career in voice acting as characters in video games like My Singing Monsters.

My passion for creative expression continues through music videos and photography working both in front and behind the camera.  This experience is what has led me to being featured as a model on , working on photography sets for high-end clients and having my music video be featured on Much Music.

If you're in search of a digital creative who can not only capture your brand's essence but also connect it with the hearts and minds of your audience, I'm your creative partner.

Ready to make an impact? Let's get creative.

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My passions

Music & Arts

Animals / Animal Rights / Fostering

Beach / Travel / Healthy Lifestyle

GF / V Cooking

Camping & Nature Exploration


Let's get creative.

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Let's get creative.

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